Thursday, September 29, 2011

Concerning Sandwich-making, Pink Nail Polish, a Hairdryer and a Sharpie (or lack thereof...)

Intriguing title, I know. Trust me, the story is even better. Well, last week, my family went on a Civil War Tour, put on by some good friends of ours. I had the good fortune to be on the lunch crew, along with three of my other friends, Lenyer, Rachel and Brittany. One of the duties of the lunch crew was to get up early to make deli meat sandwiches for that day's lunch. So, one of the mornings, we had both turkey and ham sandwiches, with the same kind of buns. We needed to have a way to be able to differentiate between the two, so that serving lunch would not be a big hassle of trying to figure out who wanted what, which sandwich was which, etc. The most logical choice, of course, was using a sharpie on the plastic wrap. It turns out, finding one was easier said than done... :) We were wracking our brains as to our next best option, when I had the "brilliant" idea to use some hot pink nail polish that I had brought with me. So there we were, in the conference room of the hotel, some of us being normal and making sandwiches... and some of us :) being not normal and making little Xs on the ham sandwiches with pink nail polish. (No, it was not directly on the sandwich, it was on the plastic wrap; I'm not that stupid) Then, I realized that my "brilliant" idea may not have been so brilliant after all; the nail polish wouldn't dry. Then ensued more brainstorming about what to do next, then came my next "brilliant" idea. "Britt, run up to my room and grab my hairdryer! I'll use it to blow dry the nail polish!" So, off she ran to do my bidding, and came back a moment later with my hairdryer. I quickly plugged it in, and began to blow dry the nail polish. Guess what happened next. You've got it! The plastic wrap started to melt. It was definitely one of those "Duh!" moments for me. I then switched the hairdryer to the cool setting and kept on going. At this point, I was already feeling very ridiculous... hmm, I wonder why ;)... Then, just as I was beginning to feel that the situation could not possibly get any crazier, in walked Tim, one of the young men on the tour, who was supposed to bring some lunch things down to us. As soon as we saw him, all of us girls burst into peels of laughter. He simply looked very confused, and started to walk out. "Aren't you even the least bit curious?" I called after him. "I don't even want to know" he said, and left. OK, so now we were sure that the situation couldn't possibly get any more ridiculous. Ha, ha. Right. Well, we were proven wrong again. As we were thinking about how priceless this situation was, Lenyer remembered that she had her camera with her. So, she started snapping pictures of me in action, yes I was still blowdrying the sandwiches. The way that the table was, I was facing the door, and the other girls had their backs to it. Lenyer was still snapping photos, when I looked up and saw Joel, another young man on the tour, standing in the doorway, silently laughing. I started laughing so hard, and then the other girls were thinking that I had really lost my mind. When I finally managed to gasp out a rather strangled-sounding "Hi", the other girls quickly turned around and saw why I was laughing. I think that they were all rather embarrassed to be caught with their friend doing such weird things. Joel then asked us if this was what we did for fun. "No, of course not!" I indignantly sputtered, then proceeded to launch into a story about our morning troubles. By the end of the story, Joel was laughing again. I thought it was because of how insane I was being, but no; he reached into his pocket and pulled out, yep, what else but... a sharpie. I kid you not. Oh, well... my idea was much more creative and it provided us with a lot, and I mean a lot of laughs that day and in the days that followed.

Yep... That's me alright

Don't I look like I'm having so much fun? lol

The lunch crew
L-R: Me, Brittany, Rachel and Lenyer

Photos are courtesy of Lenyer


  1. ROFL!!

    Another proof that sharpies help make the world go round...

    And a stirring example of this fact: No NCFIC internship (for Tim and Joel are both interns, correct?) is complete without a story involving pink nail polish...

    I wish I could've been there.

    From the frigid north,

    Timothy Bryson

  2. Timothy,
    Yes, both Tim and Joel are interns. Is there another story about pink nail polish and interns?


  3. I will remember that morning for the rest of my life! There is no better way to start your day off then with your friends, in a conference room, making sandwiches, having brilliant ideas, and then laughing for the rest of the day at how crazy the whole thing was!

  4. Awesome recounting of the events Grace! Lol, I'm glad I was able to witness the definitely started the morning off with some humor :) And it also vindicated my habit of always carrying a sharpie with me ;)