Thursday, January 5, 2012


I GOT MY BRACES OFF YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! If you can't tell, I am really excited. Now I can eat normal food!

Me about ten minutes after getting my braces off.
(yeah, yeah, I know it's a cheesy smile)

While in WF, I had a surprise 16th birthday party with some of my good friends, planned by my wonderful mother. Thank you so much, mom!! I have never had a surprise party before, so this was really fun. We had a lovely lunch, then went antique shopping which was followed by a stop in the coffee shop. Then Mom, Dad and I went to eat at the Angus Barn, as a celebration for getting my braces off and for my birthday meal. It was so good; I haven't had steak in two years (because of my braces)!!

Here we all are at lunch, with the exception of Claudia, who came later.

L to R: Megan, Heidi, Cori, Me (with NO braces!!)

It was a GREAT & AWESOME day ;)

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