Friday, December 30, 2011

Yet another great Breagy "quote"

Has anyone noticed (or is it just me) that we seem to have a lot of crazy quotables and such going on at our house recently? The other recent ones are on the family blog; if you have not read them yet, you HAVE to. They're great, imho. This one that I am about to post is by a very unlikely candidate- my wonderful father ;)

In my "stocking" this year (our family uses cowboy boots), I got a face mask that you apply. I put it on two days ago and looked quite ridiculous... the mask was green. I was told that I looked like the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera, Megamind from Megamind, and Data from Star Trek. Anyway, with the face mask still on, I decided to call Maybelline New York, as I had been having problems with their mascara. So, I said to Dad, "Hey Dad; I'm going to call Maybelline, the makeup company, now- is that alright with you?" He said "Why? Can you not get that off?" pointing to my face mask, with a rather horrified expression. I must admit, that was the last thing that I thought he was going to say ;)

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