Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh, the many uses of a hairdryer :)

You might use your hairdryer on your hair, and believe me, that's a great use for it; but here, on Pandemonium Plantation (and in my life), there are plenty of other uses for it. For example, you could use it (as most of you have already heard) for drying nail polish on sandwich wrappers, and you could also use it (like I did last night) to dry your kid's hair. Yes sir, last night at around 8pm, in 30 degree weather, two kids were born at Pandemo... Er, I mean Plain Truth Hill Farm.

Yes, this is the one-and-only hairdryer belonging to Grace Breagy that I used on the sandwich wrappers. You know, if I keep this pace up, my hairdryer will soon become world famous for being used for the most random and odd things. ;D Oh, If I look extremely tired to you... that's because I was. Annnnnd... it was raining, hence the water on the back of my shirt.

Mama Latte with babies, which, as of right now do not have names. Those white sweater-like things on the babies backs?? Oh... that is a sock ;) that I cut up because it was COLD outside.

They are both girls, YAY!!!

Stay tuned for the names; they will be coffee names. All of my mama's have themes for their babies, i.e. Cres girls are Gemstones, her boys are Old English Dwelling Places/Castles; Coco girls are Flowers, her boy are Nature; Latte girls are Coffee, her boys are... well... I don't know yet ;) But I have a year to think about it...


  1. Grace , They are so cute! I would name them teas and do the boys coffee I'll be looking forward to the names