Thursday, April 19, 2012

Titanic 100 Children's Play

I am typing this from my Mom's iPhone, so please excuse any and all parts of the interesting layout. Also, please forgive all typos.
This past weekend, at the Titanic 100, my siblings and I were privileged to be in a Children's Play in honor of the event. Shea played the role of Miss Eva Hart, Claire was a little Imigrant Girl, Stephen had his hands full with two roles complete with a change in between- that of Archibald Gracie and Dr. Leighton Parks, Sam did a stupendous job as little Douglas Speddin and I was his nurse, Muddie Boons.

At the end of the play, everybody sang "Nearer my God to thee". In the above picture, while we were applauding our director, Miss Stephanie Cone, Sam and Virginia Phillips were busy talking to each other ;)

When it was Sam's turn to go onto stage, he and I would walk into the stage in the dark, and then a spotlight would turn on for Sam to say his one line- "Oh Muddie, look at the beautiful North Pole!". In the dark, I was supposed to fix the microphone to be at Sam's level, as he was considerably shorter than the person before him at this particular mic. Well, in between the last rehearsal and the actual play, the mic was switched and I could not figure out how to lower it, so poor Sam had to tippy-toe to say his line. Silly me did not think to pick him up and put him on my hip. When the light came on, Sam looked at me and whispered, "Do I say my line now? You mean, right now? Into this mic?" He was SO cute.

A few of us were a part of an ensemble, singing "Eternal Father, Strong to Save".
L-R Back: Grace Gunn, Isaac Shough, John-Luke Solid, Yours Truly, Shea, Justice Vernier
L-R Front: Virginia Phillips, Claire, Emna Solid

Stephen portraying Dr. Leighton Parks.

Shea as Miss Eva Hart

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