Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 44th, Dad!

On Sunday, we celebrated my Dad's 44th birthday. I am so thankful for my father; I love him so much. I love that I can tell my dad anything and he will always give me wise instruction. I can always count on my dad to make me laugh, at any time, and he always knows just when I need cheering up. My dad and I get along so well, and we have the same way of thinking, so we always know what the other is trying to say or explain, even if mom doesn't ;) Also, we both have an extremely dry sense of humour... that no one seems to get. That's why we love watching British movies. Foyle's War is our current favorite, along with Bleak House and Little Dorrit. All of these are mysteries :) We both are trying to curb our sarcasm... it isn't working so well, since one of us will start, and then the other will feed off of them. We also can get super goofy together, and make really corny jokes that we think are hysterical, and get everyone laughing because we are so crazy and then we are laughing at ourselves so they start laughing too... He also supports me in my vision for my foreseeable future, and encourages me to spend my time wisely. All in all, he is the best dad in the world! I love you dad! Oh, btw, I am not trying to make out that I get along perfectly with my dad and that I have a perfect relationship with him, it's just that I get along really well with him and he's perfect for me.

Note Sam's grumpy face, I have no idea what he was upset about...

Like I said, we have a great relationship... I guess that's why I am pretending to kill him. Actually, that's probably why he's letting me pretend to kill him.

Why, oh why, does it seem like I am doing all of the goofy things in our pictures? "Um, excuse me Grace, if you put two and two together, that means that either you are the one who always does the goofy things, or you are the one who always gets caught doing goofy things." Don't worry, no one has said that to me, it was just me saying it to myself ;)

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