Tuesday, November 22, 2011

G.G.'s 92nd birthday party

As I mentioned earlier, a few weekends ago, my family, with the exception of my dad, drove up to NY to celebrate my great-grandmother's 92nd birthday. There was a lot of the Faranda (my mom's mom's side) family there; and it was great to see everyone again.

All of the great-grandchildren
L-R Top: Sarah, Kylie
L-R Second Row: John Ryan, Shea, Joseph, Emma, Me
L-R Third Row: Sam, Thomas, Megan, Catherine, Jessica, Connor (the baby that I'm holding)
L-R Bottom: Riley, Pip, Stephen, Miss B (Abigail), Claire

Uncle Tim and Me serving the cake

Ooh... Paper airplanes, what fun!

Cutie pies, Claire, Sam and Joseph

The birthday girl with Abigail

My grandma and all of her family: Us (minus dad), and Aunt Gina & Uncle John

Me and my "Bestest friend" (Not a great pic of me, just sayin')

My little buddy

I received the privilege of holding Connor for the group photo of the great-grandchildren; there were lots of eager arms ready to take him, but somehow, I was chosen :)

I showed some of the children pictures of my animals

Stephen and Stephen (Uncle Steve)

I just had to post this pic; doesn't my great-grandfather look like Mr. Fredrickson from Up? With the balloons and the cane and the glasses?

Oma, Shea, G.G., Me, Mom

A classic "Me" photo

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