Monday, November 14, 2011

McDonalds at 10? PM?

A few weeks ago (Yeah, I know that was a while ago and I was going to post this sooner, but didn't get around to it until now), my family embarked on a great adventure into the land of McDonalds. The night started out as any other ordinary night would with Dad, Mom, Stephen, Shea and I gathered at the table at about 9pm, having a discussion. You see, as long as Stephen is engaged in the conversation, he is fine; as soon as he is quiet and not saying anything, he falls asleep. That is one of the things that I love about my brother, he can fall asleep anywhere, in a matter of minutes. Anyway, Stephen proceeds to fall asleep and I take out my pen and draw on his hand and forehead... he didn't wake up. We kept talking when, a few minutes later, Stephen randomly mumbled "I want another peanut butter cookie; can I have one?". Mom and I start to laugh, then mom decided to play along so she said to him, "Hey Stephen, I'm really craving a frappe and fries from McDonalds, will you take me there to get some?". He replied with, "Sure I'll take you, but I can't drive", then mom said, "That's OK, I can drive" "Oh, when do you want to go?" "Right now" "Oh, OK", then he was silent. (fyi, mom wasn't really craving anything, she just said that to be funny) Then, a little later, at almost 10pm, mom said, "Buddy, you ready to go?" "Huh? Oh, where?" Remember, you promised me fries and a frappe." "Oh yeah, I'm almost ready, just let me get my shoes on", and he walked off into his room. Now all of us thought that he would end up in his bed, but he came back out, ready to go. Well, Dad said that we really should go, if only for a story to tell. Then mom asked Stephen, "Are you really awake?", he scoffed "Of course I am!" Then he grabbed the key to the Suburban and started walking to the door, when he then turned back around and gave the keys to dad, saying "Here, you can take these, I don't want them anymore", and on our way out to the car, he ran into it twice. So I hopped in the driver's seat and pulled out once everyone is in the car. A few minutes down the road, mom turned to Stephen and asked, "Did you bring your billfold?". He groggily replied, "Yes ma'am; I think I have about $200 in there." "$200??!! What on earth do you need $200 for? What are you planning to buy?" I wanted to know. "Umm... I think that there is a gas station right next to McDonalds, and they have some pretty good stuff over there." Mom and I laughed the whole way to McDonalds. Literally. And Stephen was sleeping. Again. When we pulled up at McDonalds, Stephen awoke from his slumber to exclaim, "WOW!! McDonalds?? Cool! Why are we here?? Is it the next day?" Oh. My. Goodness. I have not laughed so hard in forever. So, that was our adventure for the night. You can ask Stephen about it; he doesn't remember a thing. (I did procure Stephen's permission for posting this, but he really, really does not want to have to endure teasing about the incident)

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