Monday, November 21, 2011

Two very different cooking experiences

These are two of my recent cooking experiments (as in, I tried a new recipe); the outcomes were very different, one good, the other... ahem... not so much.

The first was supposed to be a cheesecake (the key word is supposed). Now, I love to try new things; be they recipes, foods or other things. So, when I was supposed to make a cheesecake for dessert, naturally I chose a new recipe. I was supposed to put the pan in another pan filled with water, but I didn't wrap the pan in aluminum foil, so the water seeped into the crust. Then, while the cheesecake was baking, the power went out... so the cheesecake was sitting in the oven, only partly baked. About an hour later, the power came back on, and I continued to bake the cheesecake- for a lot longer than the time it usually needed, and still would not bake all the way. A little later, mom pulled out the oven rack and found out that the cheesecake was still not cooked in the middle... by spilling it all over herself. Yes sir, she spilled it all down her skirt (thankfully it wasn't that hot) and all over the floor. A little bit stayed in the pan, so we baked it for a little bit longer until it was finally done. Because the water had seeped into the pan, the crust was really chewy, the whole cheesecake was actually not very good ;) So, we didn't eat it; at all.

The second was peppermint ice cream- made with my goat's milk. It was so good...

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