Friday, November 11, 2011

Having Fun with Aunt Gina

Yesterday, we arrived in VA, at my grandmother's house, and are leaving with her to go to NY on Saturday for my great grandmother's 92nd birthday party. Last night, we went with my Aunt Gina to drop off a couch at her friends house. On the way back to her house, she drove our 15-passenger van, a whole lot bigger and not quite as stylish as her typical ride-- a stick-shift BMW. At one point, she turned the windshield wipers on and didn't know how to turn them off again. When she tried, they kept going faster... it was really funny ;)

After we arrived (safely) at her house, we had nuts for a snack. Aunt Gina told me that she fed her dog, Pilot, a nut from her mouth to teach him how to kiss her, and she said that I could try too. So, here is my attempt at getting "Pi kisses".

This is my first attempt at uploading a video, so please tell me if it doesn't work

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